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Welcome to my wonderful house of Fanfics. I'm Rannie, your host! I know I'm more lively than Ran from Weiß, but I only love him. I'm not him. Well guys I've finnally finished my layout... Now all I have to do is whenever I write new fictions, just post them up. Oh by the way, don't ever hesitate to email me with suggestions or comments. Till next time. Ja ne!

Wow, over five hundred visits! *dances around* This is great! I'm glad everyone is enjoying my site. I'll keep posting fics up and if anyone ever wants to have me put one up for them I will just email me about it ^__^

Oh yeah guys... I'm going to give atleast what I think is the correct timeline for Weiß

First is

Original Weiß- Ran was in the first Weiß after his sister was put in a coma. He was trained by Shion then something happened within the group causing them to be "killed" (as seen in the Dramatic Precious Albums)

Crashers- The group Ran was put in the calm down after what happened in the Original Weiß, he left the group after taking the blame for Knight killing someone.

Weiß- With Ken, Omi, and Yohji. This starts off in the series with the Dramatic Image albums then is continued with the original two Manga's. Next comes the Dramatic Precious where we find out what happened to the original members of Weiß. Next is the OVA. Where we find that they are now on the road in the mobile cat. After the OVA is the radio drama, Weiß Kreuz Gluhen Fight Fire with Fire. It's almost like the setting stage for the anime of Gluhen. Then Gluhen comes about and after that....

Weiß Side B- Now some people think that this manga isn't official... but trust me it is. I have the manga, it was given to me by a friend of mine who went to Japan for the summer. On it, it states that it is by Takehito, Koyasu sama and is there for an official manga.


10/15/2009 4:11 Pm est. This isn't a story update just a poem... I know it's been four years. but I just wrote a poem called Passing Time if you'd like to read it.

12-05-2005 9:45 Am est. Just letting everyone know I'm still alive and I've put up a new chapter for Reality's Game. It's called Chapter 6: Another day.

10-23-2005 8:59 Pm est. I just uploaded a new one shot called Sadist. Go. Read. Enjoy!

08-30-2005 10:38 Pm est. I've uploaded a new fanfic called Mixed Realities. If you like spoofs go ahead and read it.

05-25-2005 11:59 Am est. I've just about uploaded a new chapter for Green Eyes watching... While you're at it I hope you enjoy the new page I devoted for that fanfic ^_^

05-18-2005 9:51 Am est. I've just completed typing out a new chapter for the fanfic Reality's game. I'll be posting it shortly.

04-14-2005 4:00 Pm est. I'm just now uploading the new chapter for Green Eye's Watching. Enjoy reading it ^_^

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